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Company: Pro Advert

TIN: PL6251994337

Address: Wyszyńskiego 71A, 41-935 Bytom, Poland


In any case please contact with us through contact@hiringnearme.jobs


We are a small group of tech-oriented people with strong experience in the e-marketing and HR industry. For the last few years most of us have observed the job e-marketplace from different perspectives, seen its strengths and flaws, opportunities and threats. We were engaged in big and complicated projects that were supposed to deliver big visions while sometimes having problems with delivering basic features to its users.


That’s why we decided to develop a job aggregator which is simple (focused primarily on delivering jobs to people who are seeking for them), fast (available quickly even on the worst device with disastrous bandwidth) and local (focused on opportunities available near the user). Of course, we will strive to develop new features to make our website more local and helpful for users, yet we will not deploy it until we make sure our service is still fast and simple.